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Brand Story

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How to make stone paper products available to each one of us in any part of the world is the responsibility of imSTONE Gifts. Stone paper has many features similar to pulp paper such as folding, tearing and writing. At the same time, stone paper also has non-pulp paper features such as water resistant, larger burst strength, anti-moth and more. Simply put, stone paper is a durable water resistant writable material. It bestows longer life to the sprit of your writing! Such a potential powerful material is still not known well in today’s world, and needs time for many printers to catch on, try and adapt to it, just like printing a different grade of pulp paper. However, making a book is more than just printing. Working from conception of an idea to birth of the product, can be a long process, one that if many walked may have aborted or do not wish to walk again. Many great powerful gifts could have died before meeting everyone.

Stone paper understood this process very well, so imSTONE, the baby idea saver, is here to guide designers through the whole process. imSTONE with its network of “converters”, are here to help designers from conception of an idea to produce and market a Special, Tailor made, Original, Novelty or Easy (STONE) stone gift, so we all can benefit from addition of the new family member to enjoy a better living and restore balance to our environment at the same time.

As a result, the designers can spend more time and resources with their design skills, and imSTONE will be able to act different roles to help with production management, quality management, marketing, sales, storage, shipping, administration and more. In order to benefit from a better living and save the environment faster, the designed gifts need a lot of power to carry the responsibility of widely accepted by many individuals. We need your feedback to make the imSTONE gifts better and your support to kick start each new imSTONE gifts to the market. We need more and more people to know and experience imSTONE, which will help our mother nature at the same time. If you can share our posts, that would be a super start!