stone paper


Company Introduction

Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Corporation Limited

Founded in 1998, Lung Meng’s (LM's) steadfast commitment and sheer perseverance in spite of innumerable setbacks finally culminated in the discovery of a unique papermaking technology – one which supersedes the traditional method of using wood pulp – to produce a truly unique and eco-friendly tree-free paper.


The concept and research started all the way back in 1990. It took stone paper at least 20 years before appearing to the public. From initial flash and conception

1.      of a new idea to machinery design (which can take at least 3 months)
2.      to produce machines (6 months)
3.      to assembly machinery (1 month)
4.      to test run paper production (another 2~3 month)
5.      to modification (move back to design to test run again)
6.      to test print production (1~2 month) 

is about the standard process which stone paper went through back and forth for many times. A mistake means wasting a year of precious time and a pile of steel to be recycled. It took 8 years to perfect the pilot machines, but it means nothing more than a cabinet souvenir unless mass production machinery is made available. This next step sounds easy, but this burnt another 12 years. Building a new machine, 4 times the size and production, does not mean multiplying all parts by 4 times. Many pressure points were multiplied by hundred and thousand times. Many new parts need to be re-designed to make quality better. Powdery paper or not good enough print quality can send you back to start from point zero again. From pilot machine to mass production machine, the same route from machinery design to test print production added 12 more years of experience, and now stone paper is finally an adult ready to move beyond a mere innovative material. With great power comes great responsibility!
With characteristic ingenuity, LM's "stone-papermaking methods" differs from "wood pulp papermaking methods" via the exclusive employment of a blend of mineral powder and a small infusion of non-toxic resin. Indeed, our papers are manufactured without the need to fell trees, without water pollution and without harmful gaseous wastes.
An environmentally sustainable solution, this revolutionary stone papermaking technology has been patented in over 40 countries including Australia, Byelorussia, China, Europe, USA, and South Africa. We make active contributions to protect our environment, the breathtaking inventions of"LM Paper Products" which are 100% pulp-free are the hard evidences of this.

Our Marketing Goal

To provide LM Paper Products and imSTONE gifts to the global market via seamless international supply chain management.