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Perforated Stone Passport Book (Floating island)QTY 3

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Comes with tearable pages; perfect to record all the surprises of your trips
  • Size: 3.5"X4.9"
  • Cover: RBD300 stone paper, matte.
  • Inner pages: Stone paper; 60 pages, with perforated lines.
  • Comes with OPP plastic package bag

Price $US 21.99

Passport size—ideal for every traveler.
Waterproof—always unaffected by rain, snow, or sweat on the journey.
Perforated lines make each page easy to be detached and become an individual note page.
Capture My Dream—Floating Island
In a dream, I flew to the floating island in a plane. 
Let's go, friends!  I am taking an adventure with you.