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Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only

imSTONE Experience from Tanya



No no no ….


Tanyas heart sank as she see the water sank into her paper and notes start to bleed.


Tanya started to think what next. Almost everyone saw it, but did not make noise of the incident. Without disturbing her guests and friends on the table, she picked up herself, regrouped her thoughts, closed her wet notebook, and started to think if to blow dry or change her notebook. From there her thoughts started to wander from the table.


【This is where RockBook comes in.】


No no no …. is what everyone on the table thought!


YES! Finally another chance for Tanya to make name of herself.


Tanya kept down her excitement as she see the water staying on top of her paper, and notes stayed on the paper appeared under the water droplet like under a magnifying glass.



Seeing her friends puzzled, Tanya started to explain.


"No problems, no worries, sorry about the interruption. Notebook is waterproof, made from stone."



Made from stone? Now everyone is even more puzzled.

Yeah. Made of stone. Does not absorb water. This is The Strongest Book Ever!  

😊 " Tanya added.



"Not need to worry about the notebook, lets continue."


Tanya took her nearby paper towel,  wiped off the water on her paper, and started to write on the wet page. Now her friends are really impressed and those who first met her, took a second look at her name card.



This attention is priceless. Bringing you from hell back to heaven is no second chance.


Morale of the story, keep showing how waterproof rock book is and make name of oneself? Actually, not exactly. Just want to let you know that saving your precious notes is our duty!  😊😊