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Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only


The Blue Economy proposes that we work with what we have.  Mines create dumps, quarries have massive dust. Particles in the air increase the risk of respiratory diseases.
Stone Paper, Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives



Imagine being able to make paper - without cutting down a single tree.
How to save trees? Make paper from stone, Cindy Sui, BBC News



They won’t take any of our paper or plastic recyclables because they say it is too contaminated.  Our recycling centers have had to start taking it to landfills because we have so much and it’s piling up with nowhere to go and we keep throwing it away.  (Which puts us right back to the problem of having to much paper in landfills and it’s effects on the environment.)  Paper made from stone would help both of these problems and solve so many more!!
Jennifer Rogers



Out of the pen/paper reviews I’ve written so far, this is my favorite.

Yes, I put the paper under a water faucet, then just simply underwater. … What’s amazing is, if water is run on one side of the paper, the other side barely gets damp. AND, if you only get one side wet, you can STILL WRITE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!
Eli Rogers



Its paper … is water-resistant, bug-resistant, and it does not burn easily.  What is more amazing is that it is actually made from stone.
Saving Gaia: Taiwan's stone paper offers new solution, Victoria Jen (CNA)



They also have a lovely smooth and weighty feel to them, increasing the reader’s perception of quality and prestige.
It’s Waterproof. It’s Greaseproof. It’s Stone Paper!, Rich B