Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only
Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only
Wireless Charging Binder Review - Unlimited value for less than 100 usd! by Henry Liang!

Wireless Charging Binder Review - Unlimited value for less than 100 usd! by Henry Liang!

Hi everyone!

We have had a lot of friends asking the binder since we launched it on our shop. It is always in the top 3 for

1. viewed most often and 

2. added to cart most frequently

So, is it as good it what it shows to be?

Well, we have tested the product rigorously and we do find places for improvement, but it is living up to its expectation, and does everything it says on our video below:

After few months of usage, the binder can cable charge phones during meeting, protect credit card information, wireless charge with rewritable inserts (when erasable pen is use). It does everything that it suppose to.

Now, what do we need to know about the wireless charging binder?

1. The cable line to charge the binder battery is a little bit short. With a wall power outlet, it can dangle in the air, which isn't good for the wire in the long run. Do not worry, we have found a quick fix for you! We have found a reliable cable extension, and it is available on our store for only 2.99 usd (retail 9.09 usd), include shipping and tax! With the extra 1 meter extension, your wireless charging binder will not dangle!


2. As the wireless charging technology is still quite new, we have found that the phone will charge, but with much slower rate than the cable charge. We do recommend for fastest charging, please use the cable charging. Wireless charging is really cool to share in a meeting or discussion! You will get a lot of attention! 

3. The wireless charging spot can be different places (range) for different phones types. My way of finding the spot for my phone is 

   a. turn on the power button at the back of binder. (If the 4 LED lights are not lit, the binder is out of battery, please charge your binder)
   b. Please remember to turn on the phone's NFC. 
   c. put the phone in the pocket and slide down slowly until it has a charge signal. (If took too long to locate the wireless, the power button will shut off due to safety reasons. If there is no signal, please check the power button is back on, and slide down slowly again. 
   d. draw or remember the spot for the charging signal started.
   e. keep pushing your phone down the pocket until charging signal is off.
   f. draw or remember the spot for the charging signal ended.
from the above, you will find the best area (spot) for your phone to wireless charge, and it will work 100% of the times, without failing!  

4. My phone can't wirelessly charge and I can't find a place to buy the wireless charging receive! Please do not worry! We have found and sourced from a trust worthy brand, and we offer quality wireless receive on our Rock n Tech collection! The receiver is only 9.41 usd (retail 28.99 usd), include shipping and tax!


We have lots of experiences where we can get a much closer bond with friends and client. When we take meeting notes with our erasable pen, and erasaing mistakes, most often our clients will ask immediately or after the meeting what was that! That's a really quick way to build a closer relationship when not talking business! Usually after the client knows it is paper made from stone and rewritable, our perceived image is connected to innovative and eco-friendly, consequently rising to a different level. Not mentioning it is a great gift for all ages, this is usually the difference in winning cases when everyone's abiilty are so close to each other. Shop smart usually is an evidence that we think and act creatively, responsibily and economically! 

Since using RockBook and wireless charging binder, I am a different man in meetings, social and all other places that I go! This is something that no other books or binder can provide! Nothing better than saving your love one with some battery when they need it most! This is the TOOL when your girl friend ask if I and mum need battery charging, who will you save first! With our wireless charging binder, you can save your girlfriend and mum's phone at the SAME time! (as proven on the video!) Just make sure you get a wireless receiver, in case the phone that you want to save does not have a built in wireless receiver!

Even if the market has similar binder that can wireless charge, but it almost certainly won't have the anti-theft function AND the stone paper insert! Our work tool is always one step ahead of the pack!

I do recommend to try it out! If just using for notetaking, then any binder on the market can do the job! Take it out for a ride and experience a different look! Unlimited value for less than 100 usd!


Please note, our wireless charging binder has some restrictions as power banks. So, to maximize the effect of our wireless charging binder, please follow the Don'ts list.

Don'ts of Using a Power Bank

  1. Don't charge devices with different charging specifications

Never use the power bank to charge electrical devices it is not designed to charge. Otherwise, it could potentially damage the external battery charger.

  1. Don't expose the power bank to wet environment

Always make sure to keep the power bank in a cool, dry place. Never immerse it in liquids, chemicals, soap or detergent.

  1. Don't disassemble the power bank on your own

If you're having problems with the device, refer to the user's manual. Don't disassemble, repair, or replace its parts without professional guidance.

  1. Don't drop the power bank

The power bank contains a circuit board and other fragile components inside. Always make sure to handle it carefully. Don't drop or throw it.

 (source: Aug 18th 2018)


Thank you.