Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only
Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only



Q: I can't find the discount box on the mobile screen. Where do I enter the discount code?

A: Thank you for your question!

Please note for orders with bundle sets, the discount code will be at the CART page, as shown below.

Please note for orders that does not have bundle sets, the discount code will be at the CHECK OUT page, please click "show order summary" for the discount field to appear, as shown below.


Q: How does the FREE GIFT COUPON work?

A: Thank you for the question. 

For the FREE GIFT coupon, please add the free gift item into the cart and when you enter the discount code, the added to cart item will be free. For example, in the order below you have a free gift coupon for an A6 RockBoard. So, you will add an A6 RockBoard to your cart and when at the CART or CHECK OUT page, you will enter the Free A6 RockBoard coupon code, and then the A6 RockBoard credit will be added to cart to offset the cost of the added A6 RockBoard. 

This way the Free RockBoard will be part of the order, so when we are delivering, it won't be left behind.

Please note the screenshot below as an example.

Thank you.


Q: In your Kickstarter campaign, you demonstrated that stone paper can be burned.  Since the paper is made from stone, is there a way to make the notebooks fireproof?

A: Great question!

With current RockBook formula, although 70% stone powder content, we can't make it fireproof yet. There is a formula that we can use to improve fire-resistance of stone paper. It is a different application, material and process engineering. We have successfully developed this spec, but it needs substantial volume to make it economic sense. So, once we have mass production factory set up, the factory can make this fireproof grade material.

Q: Can you give us a quick summary about your notebooks made from stone?

A: Of course!

Q: When will A4 notebooks be available?

A: We are working on the designs for the A4 sizes.


Q: How to choose the suitable RockBook?

A: Different sizes, pages and designs can be used for different purposes and situations. The Flexible Covers are especially well when travelling or fitting in a bag. The HardCover and binders are very good at office and meetings. Please note the following chart as a quick guide!