Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only
Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only

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People LOVE physical notebooks! And they are VERY wasteful. In fact, the average person in North America cuts down about 4 trees every year through use of personal paper products. That is about 77 million tons of paper alone in the US.


What if EVERY person was able to reduce annual paper consumption by 0.2% (weight of 1 book)?


We can save upto 154,000 tons of pulp paper, equivalent of 3 million trees each year! All we need to do is purchase a different notebook, that happens to offer superior performance. This is where Rockbook comes in.


You can contribute to prevent 3 million trees from being cut down and save another 3 million tons of water in ONE year! 


We’ve found a way to create paper, from stone! It’s called Rockbook, and it’s going to change your life. It’s going to change EACH of our lives. We can reduce carbon emissions, breathe cleaner air, and conserve energy.


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A few of our friends has asked about ways on how to promote imSTONE collections with imSTONE team. We have built an affiliate program where you can share discounts with your friends and get rewarded for your promotion efforts at the same time. If you are interested in affiliating promotion with imSTONE, please register at the link below.


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Join us and give back to our Mother Earth!


If you would like to be further involved in our imSTONE project in various other areas, from distribution to investment, please fill in your interested area and contact details, and we would be happy to find the project that we can prosper to sustain our environment!

Thank you.


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