Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only
Exclusive Free gift for orders more than $100 - Limited time only

We Make One-Of-The-Kind Notebooks

In the very beginning, we use unique stone paper, which is writable and yet waterproof, to make sewn spine notebooks, spiral notebook, drawing book and perforated notepads.

Pages of spiral notebooks can stay put without being continually held open, so you can use one hand to write with another hand holding your favorite beverage.  Your notes will be safe from any accidental drops or even splashes because the entire notebook is waterproof.


Sewn spine notebooks are sturdier than conventional saddle stitched counterparts.  The lack of bulky spine is ideal for limited space such as bookshelves or briefcases.


To many people, nothing is more satisfying than using real pens or pencils to doodle or to sketch.  Each page of our drawing books is designed to be a mini canvas.  60 mini canvases, 1 book.  Each page is ready for you to capture every memorable moment by pen.


Of course, we never overlook the importance of conventional writing pads. Your to-do lists and memos will never get ruined by water.


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